Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Xmas bike ride logo

Just completed this logo for my friends over at Hostelling International. They also have some design contests going on over there right now. Contact Tiffany Olson at 619-338-9981 for more details.

The one that got away...

This piece was just finished yesterday. I may be holding on to this one, but make me an offer I can't refuse, and who knows?

Hunter's Delight - Update!

Just found out that this piece has been accepted for a juried art show at the City of Brea Art Gallery—very excited! The reception is on Saturday, March 21 from 7-9p, and it will be up until May 1st. Now I must take care of the paperwork involved, when all I really want to do is paint... but I'm not complaining!

Still Life I and II

These pieces were done to show the beauty of death, which while tragic, is also the ultimate progression. They are currently in the gallery at the Art Institute of California-San Diego and are available for purchase. Contact me if you're interested.

The fox knows many things...

This is a detail from my piece "The Fox Knows Many Things," done for an upcoming show in South Park (details to follow soon).

Layzee Dayzee

So my new passion this year is oil painting. I only started using oils less than a month ago, so I'm still pretty rough around the edges with it, but I'm having fun experimenting and not worrying about the results too much.

This is the first oil painting I did, for my cat who was in his last days at the time. The cherry blossoms are used to represent the fragility of life and therefore mean to enjoy life to the fullest while we have it.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy 2009!

So the theme for our holiday card this year was a partridge in a pear tree, inspired in part by a group art show I was in by the same name. We even used the artwork for a label design for a case of mini champagne bottles. Cheers!


Our talented friend, David Solmes, recently started a new landscape design business and Marc did his website. I really had no hand in this at all, but I think Marc did a fantastic job!

C & W Tax Firm Identity and Web Presence

We've just finished the identity and website design for C & W Tax Firm. Jane and Laurna were a pleasure to work with and really gave us a lot of creative freedom.

The site just has a couple more tweaks coming, but it's live, so check it out here, especially if you need help with your taxes!


I recently finished the identity for an exciting project called Community, an affordable “brand” of urban properties created by L.W.P. Group. This is a really cool concept that Greg Strangman (owner/developer of Onyx Room, Thin, and the Pearl Hotel among other things) came up with to help urbanize San Diego, in a good way. If you want to read more about Community, go here.

I got to put what I learned completing my thesis to the test with this one. At first, the client was mostly interested in a typographic logo. But when I added the bird to the mark, we all agreed it made it much more appealing. I chose the bird because birds are communal animals, so I thought it was appropriate.

I am a Master!

I completed my MFA in Graphic Design at the end of September, and have only recovered sufficiently in order to blog about it now (after a much needed relaxing autumn). Since the Master of Fine Arts degree is a terminal degree (meaning the highest level of education available in the field and in this case equivalent to a PhD in other fields), I am done with school for good!

This is the abstract:

TITLE: An Investigation of How Animals Are Used and Perceived in Graphic Design

Animals are used extensively in graphic design to communicate marketing objectives. They are strong communicators because of the definite associations that the general public attributes to them. This thesis delves into the recent history of animals used in graphic design and advertising in the Western hemisphere, focusing primarily on the United States from the 20th century until present time. Additionally, the paper provides the results of research conducted in 2008 to determine exactly which qualities are associated with each animal studied, as well as which logo usages are most successful based on their memorability. The study had 247 participants, making it a valid resource for the graphic designer to consult when deciding whether or not to include a particular animal in a logo, brand, advertisement or marketing materials for a client. Further recommendations for the graphic designer are included, based on the success of particular logos and brands. The thesis also examines how the use of animals in graphic design and advertising affects the public’s perceptions of the animals. The visual portion of the thesis is provided in the form of an illustrated book to be used as a resource for the graphic designer.

If you'd like to read my thesis, you can do that here.

If you'd like to see the entire visual portion, you can do it here.

Thanks to everyone who helped and supported me through this process!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Buckfast Superbee Site Launch!

The new Buckfast Superbee website is up and running, mostly due to the efforts of our superb senior programmer, Marc. He and I both worked on the design, but the programming was all his sweat and hard labor. Go here to take a closer look, and to listen to the band, which is great!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Logo for Scott & Elijah Associates

Here is the new logo that just got approved for Scott & Elijah Associates. They had a pretty clear idea of what they wanted, and yet they also were very open to my creative touches, so I'm happy with the way the project worked out. Very nice guys, too, if you need a mortgage! Contact me for more info on them if you do.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

New logo for Green Panache

Another logo approved! Here is the final logo for a new green online store, which I'm excited to see started. The owner, Tawnia, was a gem to work with. She has great taste, a very valuable (and sometimes rare) quality in a client.

New illustration for Midnight Madness

Well, it's been a while since I've posted, but that doesn't mean I haven't been designing. I've gotten final client approval on the new Midnight Madness illustration, which was done for Hostelling International. They are great to work with (especially my dear friend Tiffany), and they even picked the wild color version you see above! I love working with clients who are brave.